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Billettes d'acier Billets Autres more
Cuivre Autres Cathode de cuivre more
Autres lingots Lingots d'aluminium more
Autres Fer à repasser Fil de fer more
Scrap Metal(10032)
Scrap Metal Autres Déchets de cuivre more
Dépôt de minerais non métal...(6219)
D'autres dépôts de minéraux non métalliques Silice more
Produits minéraux non métall...(32767)
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Iron Ore D'autres minerais more
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Tungstène Autres Bars Tungsten more
Treillis métallique(63809)
Treillis métallique Autres Treillis métallique d'acier more
Latest Sell Offers
Sell CRGO   Hungary
Secondary , defectice, dismantled CRGO sheets, coils from dismantler , thickness 0, 3 - 0, 35 xxxxx mm
Lead ore available   Nigeria
We have lead ore for sale with lead concentration of between 55% to 75%. The origin is Nigeria and the lead ore is lead oxide. Price (CNF)...Negotiable 60% Lead concentration and up is $11.5 pe...
Gold, Gold Bars, Gold Dust, Gold Nuggets For Sale   Ukraine
We are Gold miners from Cameroon, Tanzania, Congo Our sell point is here in ..NAIROBI-KENYA.We are able to supply Gold bars, Nuggets and rough diamonds.We do not require buyer to do any upfront paymen...
copper scrap for sale   South Africa
We are a reliable trading company. we offer very good quality of Copper Scrap and at very affordable prices .We ship and deliver on time to meet our clients demands . For more details feel free to ...
Pure lead ingots 99.987%   Iran
This is Mohammad, commercial manager of KaneAra Lead Co from Iran.  We are one of best manufactures of Lead ingots in Middle East. we can supply Lead ingots for you with best quality and be...
Gold Bars for sale   Guinea
Hello. I am Mahmoud Keita, i represent local artisan miners of Raw AU  Gold,   Rough and uncut Diamonds from various communities here in Guinea . We are looking to  get Internation...