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Adhésifs et scellants(30314)
Adhésifs Ruban adhésif more
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Additifs alimentaires(9558)
Autres additifs alimentaires Feed produits additifs more
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Autres produits de chimie fine Détergents Raw more
Saveur & Fragrance(1886)
Les additifs alimentaires(92900)
Acides Stabilisateurs more
Produits chimiques inorganique...(99799)
Oxyde Alcalin more
Fournitures de laboratoire(8642)
Fournitures de laboratoire Autres Applicateurs more
Produits chimiques organiques(18330)
Autres produits chimiques organiques Des acides organiques more
Autres produits chimiques(27548)
Autres peintures Peinture de voiture more
Lubrifiant Paraffine more
Produits chimiques pharmaceuti...(72619)
Autres produits chimiques pharmaceutiques Pharmaceuticals more
Huile et encres d'impression(723)
Latest Sell Offers
Activated Ceramic Balls   China
The active ceramic ball is our company and Academia Sinica Dalian melts the institute to develop the development together another kind of new reactor supporting padding. It is introduces the few tran
urea fertilizer / urea 46 / urea n46   Ukraine
We are exporters of Fertilizers since 2003 We are Exporters of Urea since 2003. � Specificationof Urea � Apperance�� :white granular Total Nitrogen, percent b...
JP54, JET A-1, D6 READY IN TANK   Russia
My company is working with a few Russian oil refineries / title-holder trading companies in the primary oil market as mandate & facilitator. All products are standard export grade. Products we ...
Bitumen   UK
Bitumen also referred to as Asphalt is a sticky, black and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum. It may be found in natural deposits or may be a refined product; it is a substance ...
Plant extracts Philogreen feed additive to improve protein absorption in broilers   South Korea
Philogreen A feed additive consists of plant extracts to improve protein absorption in broilers HOW IT WORKS Weight gain •Improves intestinal health in broiler through an effect on...
Water Base flexo ink   Egypt
- High quality water based ink come in multiple formulations to suit a wide rage of applications including (but not limited to) the following: o Kraft and white Paper board. o Cement bags. o Carton cups o Tissue paper