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127 Albertina,Sisulu Road , Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa,South Africa

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Essential Oils Plants, Carrier Oils, Natural Butters And Related Products

South Africa


65 ~ 80 / Kilogram Obtenir le dernier prix

South Africa

65 per Kilogram

50 Kilogram

1kg 2kg 3kg 4kg 5kg 25kg 50kg 100kg and up

7 - 14 days

10000 Kilogram per Month

Money Gram, Western Union, T/T


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Spécification du produit

Essential Oils : Cosmetic Raw Materials Fragrance Oils : Hydrosols Natural Butters : Pure Floral Waters

La description

We supply all the below products in wholesale and Retail. Contact us today and place an order. 
Natural Essential Oils
Ajowan Essential Oil 
Amber Oil 
Amyris Oil 
Angelica Root Oil 
Anise Oil 
Aniseed Oil 
Atlas Cedar 
Agarwood Oil 
Balsam Oil 
Basil Oil 
Bay Leaf Oil 
Benzoin Pure Oil 
Bergamot Mint Oil 
Bergamot Oil 
Betel Leaf Oil 
Bitter Almond Oil 
Bitter Orange Oil 
Black Cumin Seed Oil 
Black Pepper Oil 
Cajuput Oil 
Calamus Oil 
Camphor Oil 
Caraway Oil 
Cardamom Oil 
Cardamom seed Oil 
Carrot Seed Oil 
Cassia Oil 
Cedarwood Himalayan Oil 
Celery Seed Oil 
Chamomile (Blue) Oil 
Chamomile (Roman) Oil 
Champaca Oil 
Cinnamon Bark Oil 
Cinnamon Leaf Oil 
Cinnamon Oil 
Citriodora Oil 
Citronella Oil Java 
Citrus Oil 
Clary Sage Oil 
Clove Bud Oil 
Clove Oil 
Coffee Oil 
Coriander Oil 
Cranberry Seed Oil 
Costus Root Oil 
Cubeb Oil 
Cumin Seed Essential Oil 
Curry Leaf Oil 
Cypress Oil 
Cypriol Oil 
Dill Seed Oil 
Davana Oil 
Elemi Pure Essential Oil 
Eucalyptus Globulus Oil 
Fennel Sweet Oil 
Fenugreek Oil 
Frangipani Oil 
Frankincense Oil 
Galangal Oil 
Galbanum Oil 
Garlic Oil 
Geranium Oil 
Ginger Oil 
Gingergrass Oil 
Grape Fruit Oil 
Green Myrtle Oil 
Guaiacwood Oil 
Gurjun Balsam Oil 
Helichrysum Oil 
Honeysuckle Essential Oil 
Hydacheium Oil (Kapur Kuchari) 
Hyssop Oil 
Jamarosa Root Oil 
Jasmine Essential Oil 
Juniper Berry Oil 
Kewra Oil 
Kulanjan Oil 
Labdanum Oil 
Laurel Leaf Oil 
Lavender Oil 
Lavendin Oil 
Lemon Oil 
Lemon Grass Oil 
Lime Oil 
Litsea Cubeba Oil 
Lotus Oil 
Mace Oil 
Mandarin Oil 
Marjoram Oil 
Melissa Oil 
Menthol Oil 
Mint Oil 
Mugwort Oil 
Myrtle Oil 
Nar Kachur Oil 
Neroli Essential Oil 
Niaouli Essential Oil 
Nutmeg Essential Oil 
Neem Oil 
Onion Oil 
Orange Oil 
Oakmass Oil 
Palmarosa Essential Oil 
Parsley Seed Oil 
Patchouli Oil 
Peppermint Oil 
Peru Balsam Oil 
Pimento Berry Essential Oil 
Pine Needle Oil 
Petitgrain Oil 
Pine Essential Oil 
Rose Geranium Oil 
Rose Otto Essential Oil 
Rosemary Essential Oil 
Rosewood Oil (Rose de Bois) 
Rose De MaI Oil 
Sage Essential Oil 
Sandalwood Oil Mysore 
Sassafras Oil 
Spearmint Oil 
Spikenard Oil 
Star Anise Oil 
Styrax Benzoin Oil (Sumatra) 
Styrax Tonkinesis Oil (Loban) 
Sugandh Kokila Oil 
Sugandh Mantri 
Sweet basil Oil 
Sweet Orange Oil 
Thuja Essential oil 
Tagetes Oil 
Tangerine Oil 
Tarragon Oil 
Tea Tree Oil 
Thyme Oil 
Turmeric Oil 
Valerian Root Oil 
Vanilla Eseential Oil 
Vetiver Oil [South India] 
Vetiver Root Oil 
Wintergreen Oil 
Wormwood Oil 
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 
Yarrow Essential Oil 
Zedoaria Essential Oil 
Floral Absolutes Oils
Ambrette Absolute Oil 
Angelica Root Oil 
Amber Absolute Oil
Benzoin Absolute Oil 
Blue Lotus Absolute Oil 
Boronia Absolute Oil 
Broom / Genet Absolute Oil
Calendula Absulute Oil 
Cassie Flower Absolute Oil 
Cardamom Extra Absolute Oil 
Carnation Absolute Oil 
Champaca White Absolute Oil 
Champaca Red Absolute Oil 
Cocoa Absolute Oil 
Costus Root Oil
Fir Balsam Absolute Oil 
Frangipani Absolute Oil
Gardenia Absolute Oil 
Geranium Leaf Absolute Oil 
Green Tea Absolute Oil
Helichrysum Abs. Oil 
Hops Absolute Oil 
Hyacinth Absolute Oil 
Honeysuckle Absolute Oil 
Jasmine Auriculatum Absolute Oil 
Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute Oil 
Jasmine Sambac Absolute Oil
Kewra / Kewda / Keora Absolute Oil
Labdanum Absolute Oil (Rock Rose) 
Lavender Absolute Extra Oil 
Lavender Absolute Oil 
Lavender Brown Absolute Oil 
Lavender Green Absolute Oil 
Linden Blossom Absolute Oil 
Lotus White Absolute Oil 
Lotus (Pink) Absolute Oil 
Lotus Blue Absolute Oil
Marigold Absolute Oil 
Melissa Phytol Absolute Oil 
Mimosa Absolute Oil 
Mogra Absolute Oil 
Myrrh Absolute Oil
Narcissus Absolute Oil 
Neroli Abs. Oil
Oakmoss Absolute Oil 
Orange Blossom Absolute Oil 
Orris Root Absolute Oil 
Osmanthus Absolute Oil
Peach Tree Leaf Absolute Oil
Rose Damask Oil 
Rose Absolute Oil 
Rose Co2 Absolute Oil 
Rose Oil (Hydro Distilled) Absolute Oil
Spinach Leaf Absolute Oil 
Saffron/ Zafran/Kesar Absolute Oil
Tagette Absolute Oil 
Tea, Black Absolute Oil 
Tea, Green Absolute Oil 
Tobacco Absolute Oil 
Tolu Balsam Absolute Extra Oil 
Tube Rose Absolute Oil 
Tomato Leaf Absolute Oil
Vanilla Absolute Oil 
Vetiver Absolute/ Ruhkhus (Green) Oil 
Violet Leaf Absolute Oil 
White Ginger Lilly Absolute Oil 
White Lotus Absolute Oil 
Zafari Absolute Oil 
Spice Oils
Aniseed Oil 
Ajowan Oil
Bay Leaf Oil
Black Pepper Oil
Calamus Oil 
Cambodge oil 
Capsicum Oil
Caraway Seed Oil
Cardamoms Oil
Cassia Oil
Celery Oil
Chillies Oil
Cinnamons Oil
Cinnamon Bark Oil 
Clove Oil
Clove Bud Oil 
Coriander Seed Oil 
Cumin Oil 
Curry Leaf Oil
Dill Seed Oil 
Davana Oil
Fennel Oil 
Fenugreek Oil
Garlic Oil 
Ginger Oil
Juniper Berry Oils 
Mace Oils 
Marjoram Oils
Nutmeg Oil
Olibanum Oil 
Paprika Oil 
Parsley Seed Oils
Saffron Oil
Turmeric oil 
Vanilla Oil 
Vetiver Oils 
White Pepper oil 
Spice Oleoresins
Ajowan Seed Oleoresin 
Asafoetida Oleoresin
Black Pepper Oleoresin 18 % VOC 
Basil Oleoresin 
Black Pepper Oleoresin
Capsicum Oleoresin (CP) - 6% capsaicin 
Capsicum Oleoresin 1% capsaicin 
Capsicum Oleoresin 10% capsaicin 
Capsicum Oleoresin 2.5 % capsaicin 
Capsicum Oleoresin 5% capsaicin 
Cardamom (Big) 
Cardamom Oleoresin 40% VOC 
Cassia Bark Oleoresin 60% VOC 
Celery Seed Oleoresin 
Clove Bud Oleoresin 24% VOC 
Corriander Oleoresin (Green) 1.5 % VOC 
Corriander Oleoresin (Roasted) 1% VOC 
Cumin Seed Oleoresin 10% VOC 
Capsicum Oleoresin 0.5% capsaicin 
Capsicum Oleoresin 2.5 % capsaicins 
Cumin Oleoresin 
Corriander Oleoresin 
Clove Bud Oleoresin 
Cardamom Oleoresin 14% 
Fennel Seed Oleoresin 5% VOC 
Fenugreek Oleoresin 
Fennel Seed Oleoresin 
Fenugreek Oleoresins 
Garlic Oleoresin 
Ginger Oleoresin 30% VOC 
Green Chilli Oleoresin (6.6 % capsaicin) 
Green Ginger Oleoresin 
Garlic (Roasted) Oleoresin 
Ginger Oleoresin 
Green Chilli Oleoresin (3.3 % capsaicin)
Green Ginger Oleoresins
Mace Oleoresin 40% VOC
Nutmeg Oleoresin 30% VOC 
Nutmeg Oleoresin
Onion Oleoresin 
Onion Oleoresins
Pepper Long Oleoresin
Turmeric Oleoresin 35% Curcumin 
Vanilla Extract
White Pepper Oleoresin 
Carrier Oils
Almond Oil Sweet 
Almond Oil Virgin 
Aloe Vera Oil 
Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil 
Avocada Oil 
Borage Carrier Oil 
Carrot Tissue Infused Oil 
Coconut Carrier Oil 
Cucumber Oil 
Evening Primrose Carrier Oil 
Grapeseed Carrier Oil 
Hazel Nut Oil 
Jojoba Carrier Oil 
Moringa Oil 
Macadamia Carrier Oil 
Neem Carrier Oil 
Olive Carrier Oil 
Peach Kernel Carrier Oil 
Peanut Carrier Oil 
Rosehip Carrier Oil 
Seasame Seed (refined) 
Soya Bean Carrier Oil 
Sunflower Oil 
Sweet Almond Carrier Oil 
Sweet Cherry Kernel Carrier Oil 
Walnut Oil 
Water Melon Oil 
Wheatgerm Carrier Oil 
Natural Butters
Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter Deodorized
Cocoa Butter Ultra Refined
Mango Butter Ultra Refined
Kokum Butter Normal
Kokum Butter Ultra Refined
Certified Aloe Butter
Peppermint Products
Crude Dementholised Oil 
Indian Basil Oil (Chavicol) 
ISO Menthone (Fraction of De-mentholised Oil) 
L-Carvons 55% & 60% 
L-Menthol *8-40% TMC 50% 
L-Menthol 38% TMC 50% 
L-Menthol 50% TMC 65% 
L-Menthol 60% TMC 72% 
L-Menthol 75% 
L-Menthol 90% 
Leaf Acetate or CIIS III Hexanol 
Liquid-Menthol (Peppermint Oil) 
Mentha Citrata Oil 
Mentha Crude Oil 
Mentha Oil Natural Crude & De-Terpenated 
Mentha Piperata Oil 
Mentha Piperita Oil (Oil Peppermint Ex-Piperita) 
Mentha Spearmint Oil 
Menthol Bold Crystal 
Menthol Bold Crystals (Trepenes-Less) 
Menthol Fine Flakes 
Menthol Flakes/ Powder Dry 
Menthol Medium Crystals 
Menthol Powder Melted L-Menthol 96% 
Menthol Small Crystals 
Menthone 75%-23% 
Menthone 80%-18% 
Menthone 90%-8% 
Menthone Natural Crude 95% & 98% 
Menthone Processed 95:5 90:10 & 80:20 
Mint Terpenes Crude 
Neo Menthol 
Peppermint Oil 72% 
Peppermint Oil 95% 
Peppermint Oil De-Mentholised Crude 
Peppermint Oil De-Mentholised Rectified 
Peppermint Oil 52% 
Spearmint Oil 60% 
Spearmint Oil 80%+ 
Amber Attar 
Agarwood Attar 
Attar Al Kaaba hind 
Attar Full Arabian Perfume Oil 
Asli Attar Indian 
Amber Ood Arabian Attar 
Bakhoor Attar 
Bakul Attar 
Black Musk Attar 
Blue Lotus Attar 
Bakhoor al JP 
Chameli Attar 
Champa Attar 
Choya Loban Attar 
Choya Ral Attar 
Dehnul Oud Attar 
Dehan Al Oudh Taj e Hind 
Earth Soil Attar 
Frangipani Attar 
Firdous Attar 
Gardenia Perfume Oil 
Genda Attar 
Goldmohar Attar 
Gul Henna Attar 
Har Sringar Attar 
Hina Ambari Attar 
Hina Attar 
Hina Musky Attar 
Hina Oudhi Attar 
Hina Zafrani Attar 
Honey Suckle Attar 
Hayati Attar 
Indian Kadamb Attar 
Indian Lotus Attar 
Islamic Bakhur Attar 
Jasmine Attar 
Jasmine Grandiflorum Attar 
Juhi Attar 
Jasmine Sambac Attar 
Jannet el Firdaus 
Jasmine Arabian Asli 
Kamal Attar 
Kasturi Hina Attar 
Kesar Attar 
Kewra Attar 
Khus Attar 
Lilies Perfume Oil 
Loban Attar 
Lotus Perfume Oil 
Majmua 96+ Attar (Green) 
Misk Gazala Attar 
Mitti Attar 
Mogra Attar 
Motia Attar 
Moulsree Attar 
Mukhalat Attar 
Musk Amber 
Musk Attar 
Musk Gazala Attar 
Mukhalat al Maliki 
Mukhalat al Shahama 
Misk al Lala 
Mukhallat ae 
Mubakhar Al Raheem E Attar 
Musk AlGhazal Red Grade 1 
Musk AlGhazal White Grade 1 
Nag Champa Attar 
Nakh Choya Attar 
Narcissus Attar 
Osmanthus Attar 
Oudh Attar Aasam India 
Pink Lotus Attar 
Pure Jasmine Oil 
Raat Raani Attar 
Rajnigandha Attar 
Rooh-Al-Oudh Attar 
Rose Attar 
Red Zafaron Grade 1 
Roh Al Amber Grade 1 
Sadaf Attar 
Sandal Musk Attar 
Sandalwood Shamama Attar 
Shamama Shahi Attar 
Shamama Special 
Shamama-Tul-Amber Attar 
Sontaka Attar 
Sadaf Attar 
Sultan Attar 
Sandalwood Oil Grade 1 
Shamamtul Al Amber Grade 1 
Tube Rose Attar 
White Lotus Attar 
White Ambergris Grade 1 
White Zafaron Grade 1 
Zafran Attar (Kesar) (Saffron) 
Zafri Attar (Mari Gold/Gend Attar) 
Pure Floral Waters
Aniseed Floral Water 
Cedarleaf (Thuja) 
Cedarwood Himalayan 
Chamomile Blue 
Chamomile German Hydrosol 
Champa (Mangolia Water) 
Clary Sage Floral water 
Cypress Water 
Eucalyptus Hydrosol 
Fennel Sweet 
Frankincense Hydrosol 
Geranium hydrosol 
Jasmine Grandiflorum 
Jasmine Sambac 
Khus (Vetiver) 
Kewra / Kewda / Keora Absolute 
Lavender Hydrosol 
Lemon Hydrosol/Floral water 
Melissa Floral Water 
Mitti (Baked Earth) 
Orange Blossom Hydrosol 
Peppermint Floral Water 
Parsley Floral Water 
Rose (Damask) 
Rose Geranium 
Rose Otto Hydrosol 
Rosemary Hydrosol 
Saffron/ Zafran/Kesar 
Sandalwood Floral Water (Mysore) 
Sandawood (East Indian) 
Tea tree 
Thyme white 
Ylang Ylang 
Natural Food Colors
Annatto Butter Colour 
Annatto Extract 0.5% Bixin 
Annatto Extract 2% Bixin 
Anatto Extract 4 % Bixin 
Anatto Extract 1% Bixin 
Anatto Extract 1% Nor-Bixin 
Anatto Extract 2% Bixin 
Copper Chlorophil 5% 
Curcumin Powder (95%) 
Copper Chlorophil 2.5% 
Copper Chlorophil 5% 
Curcumin 18% (Water dispersible) 
Curcumin 8.5%
Oleoresin Parprika **0000 CU 
Oleoresin Paprika **0000 CU, Colour Stable 
Oleoresin Paprika **0000 CU, DE-ODOURISED 
Oleresin Paprika **0000 CU 
Oleoresin Paprika *5000 CU 
Oleoresin Paprika *0000 CU 
Oleoresin Paprika *0000 CU, DE- ODOURISED 
Oleoresin Paprika *0000 CU, Colour Stable 
Paprika Oleoresin *0000 cu 
Paprika Oleoresin **0000 cu 
Paprika Oleoresin *0000 cu 
Paprika Oleoresin *0000 cu 
Paprika Oleoresin *0000 cu 
Paprika Oleoresin *0000 cu 
Paprika Oleoresin *0000 cu 
Paprika Oleoresin *0000 cu 
Paprika Oleoresin *0000 cu m
Certified Organic Essential Oils
Bergamot Certified Organic Oil 
Black Pepper oil - Certified Organic 
Basil Oil - Certified Organic 
Cardamom oil - Certified Organic 
Cedarwood Atlas oil - Certified Organic 
Chamomile German oil - Certified Organic 
Chamomile Roman oil - Certified Organic 
Cinnamon Oil 
Citronella oil - Certified Organic 
Coriander Oil - Certified Organic 
Eucalyptus Globulus oil - Certified Organic 
Fennel Sweet oil - Certified Organic 
Frankincense Oil 
Geranium oil (Egypt) - Certified Organic 
Ginger oil - Certified Organic 
Juniper Berry Oil 
Lavender (true) French oil - Certified Organic 
Lemon oil - Certified Organic 
Lemongrass oil - Certified Organic 
Lime oil - Certified Organic 
Neroli oil - Certified Organic 
Nutmeg oil - Certified Organic 
Orange Sweet oil - Certified Organic 
Palmarosa oil - Certified Organic 
Patchouli oil - Certified Organic 
Tea Tree oil - Certified Organic 
Thyme CT linalool oil - Certified Organic 
Vetiver oil - Certified Organic 
Ylang Ylang oil - 1st Grade - Certified Organic 
CO2 Extracts Oils
Benzoin oil 
Bergamot oil 
Black Pepper oil  
Basil oil 
Carrot Seed CO2 Ext oil 
Cedarwood oil 
Cinnamon oil
Clove Bud CO2 Ext oil 
Coriander oil 
Eucalyptus oil 
Fennel oil 
Frankincense oil 
Garlic CO2 ext oil
Geranium oil 
Ginger oil 
Juniperberry oil 
Jasmine Absolute oil 
Lavender oil 
Lemon oil 
Lemongrass oil 
Mace CO2 Ext oil 
Neroli oil 
Nutmeg CO2 Ext oil 
Orange Sweet oil 
Patchouli oil 
Rosemary oil 
Tea Tree oil 
Thyme oil 
Valerian Root oil 
Ylang - Ylang oil 
Wild Crafted Essential Oils
Anise Seed Oil 
Basil Oil 
Bergamot Oil 
Black Pepper Oil 
Cajeput Oil 
Cedarwood, Himalayan Oil 
Chamomile German Oil 
Chamomile, Roman Oil 
Clary Sage Oil 
Coriander Oil 
Cypress Leaf Oil 
Fennel, Sweet Oil 
Frankincense Oil 
Geranium, Bourbon Oil 
Ginger Oil 
Juniper Berries Oil 
Lavender Oil 
Lemon Oil 
Lemongrass Oil 
Lime Oil 
Myrtle Oil 
Neroli Oil 
Nutmeg, Extra Oil 
Orange, Sweet Oil 
Palmarosa Oil 
Patchouli Oil 
Peppermint Oil 
Rose Oil 
Rosemary Oil 
Sandalwood, Indian Oil 
Spearmint Oil 
Spikenard Oil 
Tea Tree Oil 
Wild Orange Oil 
Ylang Ylang Oil 
Body Spa Massage Oil
Detox Massage Oil 
Massage Treatment Base Signature Blend 
Massage Treatment Base Signature Oil 
Muscles Massage Blend 
Organic Lavender Massage Oil 
Renewed Energy Massage Blend 
Renewed Energy Massage Oil 
Sensuality Massage Blend 
Sensuality Massage Oil 
Sports Massage Blend 
Sports Massage Oil 
Tranquility Massage Oil 
Therapeutic Grade Pure Essential Oils
Basil Oil 
Cinnamon Bark Oil 
Clove Bud Oil
Elemi Oil 
Fennel Oil 
Frankincense Oil  
Galbanum Oil 
Helichrysum Oil  
Lavender Oil  
Lemon Oil  
Lemongrass Oil  
Myrrh Oil  
Oregano Oil  
Orange Oil  
Peppermint Oil 
Rosemary Oil 
Sage Oil 
Sandalwood Oil 
Spikenard Oil 
Tea Tree Oil 
Thyme Oil
Valerian Oil 
Natural Butters
Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter Deodorized
Cocoa Butter Ultra Refined
Mango Butter Ultra Refined
Kokum Butter Normal
Kokum Butter Ultra Refined
Certified Aloe Butter
Angelica Hydrosol
Aniseed Hydrosol
Basil Hydrosol
Bergamot Hydrosol
Cedar Wood Hydrosol
Cedarleaf (Thuja) Hydrosol
Cedarwood Himalayan Hydrosol
Chamomile Blue Hydrosol
Chamomile German Hydrosol
Champa (Magnolia) Hydrosol
Champka Hydrosol
Clary Sage Hydrosol
Cypress Hydrosol
Eucalyptus Hydrosol
Frankincense Hydrosol
Ginger Hydrosol
Grape Fruit Hydrosol
Jasmine Grandiflorum Hydrosol
Jasmine Hydrosol
Jasmine Sambac Hydrosol
Juniper Berry Hydrosol
Kewda Hydrosol
Khus (Vetiver) Hydrosol
Lavender Hydrosol
Lemon Hydrosol
Lemongrass Hydrosol
Magnolia Hydrosol
Mandarin Hydrosol
Marigold Hydrosol
Melissa Hydrosol
Mint Hydrosol
Mitti (Baked Earth) Hydrosol
Mogra Hydrosol
Orange Hydrosol
Parsley Hydrosol
Peppermint Hydrosol
Rose Hydrosol
Rose Mary Hydrosol
Rose Otto Hydrosol
Sandal Wood Hydrosol
Sandalwood (East Indian) Hydrosol
Sandalwood (Mysore) Hydrosol
Tea Tree Hydrosol
Thyme White Hydrosol
Tuberose Hydrosol
Vetiver Hydrosol
Fragrance Oils
Almond Fragrance
Lily of the Valley Fragrance
Amber Fragrance  
Lime Fragrance
Aphrodite Fragrance    
Magnolia Fragrance
Apple Fragrance
Mango Fragrance
Apricot Fragrance
Marula Fragrance
Avo & Cucumber Fragrance
Milk & Honey Fragrance
Bamboo Fragrance    
Musk Fragrance
Banana Fragrance
Musky Jasmine Fragrance
Black Cherry Fragrance
Myrrh Fragrance
Blueberry Fragrance    
Neroli Fragrance
Cherry Fragrance
Ocean Mist Fragrance
Chocolate Fragrance
Orange & Ginger Fragrance
Cinnamon Fragrance
Passion Fruit Fragrance
Citronella Fragrance
Patchouli Fragrance
Citrus Sparkle Fragrance    
Peach Fragrance
Cocoa Butter Fragrance
Pear Fragrance
Coconut Fragrance
Peppermint Fragrance
Coffee Fragrance
Potpourri Fragrance
Desert Rose Fragrance
Rain Fragrance
Frangipani Fragrance
Raspberry Fragrance
Frankincense & Myrrh Fragrance
Rooibos Fragrance
Gardenia Fragrance
Rose Fragrance
Grape Fragrance
Rose Geranium Fragrance
Grapefruit Fragrance
Sandalwood Fragrance
Herbal Fragrance
Sea Breeze Fragrance
Honey Fragrance
Strawberry Fragrance
Honeysuckle Fragrance
Tonka Bean Vanilla Rose Fragrance
Jasmine Fleur Fragrance
Vanilla Bertrand Fragrance
Kiwi Fragrance
Violet Fragrance
Lavender Fragrance    
Wood Spice Fragrance
Lemon Fragrance
Ylang Ylang Fragrance
Lemongrass Fragrance
Cosmetic Raw Materials
Ethanol or ethyl alcohol
Denatured alcohol
Isopropyl alcohol
SD alcohol
Benzyl alcohol
Aldehyde C10
Menthol Crystals
Phenyl Ethyl
Turpentine Oil
Aloe Vera Juice
Quick Buy  Compare
Carbopol Polymer
Cetyl Alcohol
Citric Acid
Coco Glucoside
Colloidal Oatmeal
Frankincense Granules
Glycerin Organic
Glycerine Vegetable - USP 99.7%
Glyceryl Stearate SE
Guar Gum Dust
Menthol Crystals
Silk Amino Acids
Silk Peptide
Silk Powder
Sodium Bicarbonate
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate
Solubilizer (Polysorbate 20)
Stearic Acid (Triple Pressed)
Talc Powder (White)
Tara Gum
Vitamin C
Vitamin E (MT-50 Full Spectrum)
Vitamin E (USP)
Witch Hazel Distillate Organic
Witch Hazel Distillate
Witch Hazel Distillate - Alcohol Free
Zinc Oxide USP Grade.
Bee Pollen Powder
Bee Propolis Powder
We can supply you the above products both in bulk and in small quantities. Contact us today to place an order. 
Essential Oils Plants, Carrier Oils, Natural Butters And Related Products Essential Oils Plants, Carrier Oils, Natural Butters And Related Products Essential Oils Plants, Carrier Oils, Natural Butters And Related Products Essential Oils Plants, Carrier Oils, Natural Butters And Related Products


Personne à contacter:Mr. Thomas


Nom de la société:127 Albertina, Sisulu Road , Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa, South Africa,7475


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