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Latest Sell Offers
Sell PVC Sheet   China
PVC Sheet PVC Sheet / Film 1).Spec:0.02mm-3.0mm10 91 in roll (According to customers requirements), softness from 20PHR to could powdered on surface or not. 2).Specifications: matt PVC sheet, translucent, transparent, crystal, pearlite, opaque, transparent color. 3).Spec...
Sell Kraft paper   Hungary
Specifications 1.highly refined and cleaned 2.low-voltage grade 3.stable electrical and chemical properties 4.high physical strength Description Electrical grade insulating kraft paper is manufactured from 100% high-quality sulfate insulating wood pulp. Fea...
Sell Stretch Film   Ukraine
Specifications stretch film, lldpe stretch film, pallet stretch film pre-stretch rate 150-500% 1. T 12-50mic 2. W 5-150cm 3. L 100-7000m stretch film, lldpe stretch film, pallet stretch film A, the
Mulch Plastics   Lebanon
  Increase light reflection with white or silver filM Repel insects with silver film Prevent water evaporation, allowing up to 30% in irrigation saving Request a quote for our custo...
Mixed Waste Paper Offer   Greece
Dear Sirs, kindly note that we can supply the material with the following characteristis: Material: Mixed waste paper Moisture: up to 8% Maximum of 1 % outhrow� Loading weight/40hc: a...
printing paper   Thailand
We are offering double a a4 copy paper high whiteness paper copy  basic weight: 70gsm,  75gsm,  80gsm size:a4, a3, 8.5x11", 8.5x13", 11x17" moisture: 3.5%-4.5% opaci...