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Scrap Metal(9762)
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Inert Alumina Ceramic Balls   China
The inert porcelain ball has high strength, the high chemical stability and the thermostable characteristic, it may thermostable, high-pressured and the acid, the alkali, salty and each organic solvent corrosion, widely applies in professions and so on petroleum, chemical indu...
Activated Bleaching Earth   Ukraine
Our quality is the best and we are offering them at promotional prices to expand on our market in your zone. We offer Top quality products at very competitive and reliable prices. We deliver safe...
Rough diamonds for sale   Turkey
Te price of stone by agreement between the Buyer and the each miner. After the inspection Gemology in of the transaction place. - Today prices around of 50 to 700 dollars per carat, depending on th...
Tin Ingot   Hungary
Name: Sn99.99/Sn99.95/Sn99.90   Sn(min): 99.99/99.95/99.90   Product Description: Tin Ingot 99.90 Sn 99.90 Tin Ingot 99.95 Sn 99.95 Tin Ingot 99.99 Sn 99.99 1....
barite 200   Guatemala
Atlas Universal S.A is an America based company working with Barite for more than 20 years. We have been proudly dealing in Americas, Africa and Middle-East regions and now would like to explore mo...
Coltan is a black metallic ore containing the elements Niobium and Tantalum. The tantalum in coltan is extracted and used to produce tantalum capacitors for electronic products among other things. ...