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Latest Sell Offers
Apricot Kernels   Ukraine
we are the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality apricot kernel to potential buyers which is of good grade. organic apricot kernel seed: 1.Moisture: Max 6 % 2Purity: Around 99.95 % 3Br...
Corn gluten, Corn gluten feed , Corn germ   Russia
Amylco LLC is one of the largest manufacturers of starch products in Russia. We successfully work with customers in the foreign markets and would like to offer you our corn feed products. Terms of ...
Chicken   Hungary
Washed, clean & fresh No bad smell No feathers No black patches No cut pads No black Pads No extravagant blood No bruise Broken Bone(1-2%) The moisture content is...
Livestock Product Type and Aliv Style holstein cow, Holstein Cow for sale   Turkey
Livestock and fowls breeding we are number in producing quality alive animals for dairy, beef and leather purpose. We are a world wide distributor of live Pregnant Holstein Heifers Cattle, Sheep, ...
Pine Nuts Kernel, Pinoli, alssanawbar, pinon   Portugal
Pine nuts kernel in bulk.  around 40k kg per year production with the best pine nuts Origin: Alcacer do Sal -  Portugal (known as the best area in terms of Stone Pine).  ...
Durum Wheat   Argentina
We offer durum wheat with the following parameters: - vitreosity 63% - protein, dry basis, 13%. - PH, 78% min Can be shipped bulk or in containers. FOB Buenos Aires  (containers), or FOB...