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Latest Sell Offers
Apricot Kernels   Ukraine
we are the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality apricot kernel to potential buyers which is of good grade. organic apricot kernel seed: 1.Moisture: Max 6 % 2Purity: Around 99.95 % 3Br...
Screen 20 Coffee Offers   Nicaragua
We have 2, 000 Bags of 69 kgs of Nicaraguan Green Coffee Screen 20 Packed in Yute Bags FCA Mill Matagalpa Score 80-83 by SCAA Format Price Negotiable Prices is based in NYC Market Bank Collect...
Dried Meat   Argentina
Jeswory SA is a trading dedicated to International Trade and Business Consultancy.   Based in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina, we specialize in the marketing of food, mainly fish, froze...
Edible Oil   Jamaica
We are based in�St Catherine, Jamaica. We are member of since March, 2016. Our business is related to Energy Products and we specifically deal in Rrecycled used oil, vegetable oil...
Dried Basil Leaf   Lithuania
Packaging Details: Packing: Aluminium foil or Double PP bag.  Weight: 5, 10 , 15, 20 kg./carton  Dimension: 40x45x45 cm. Delivery Detail: Shipped in 7 days after payment ...
buckwheat   Russia
We have 4000 ton of buckwheat on the stock from Russian Government reserve. ​The buckwheat​ is First class (high quality). We expected sell this volume to one buyer. ​For more detail pls don'...