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Lord Trading And Investment (LTI)   Cote d'Ivoire
LORD TRADING AND INVESTMENT (LTI), is aPrivatedLimited companyhead-quartered in Ivory Coast, specializesin supply chain management of agriculturalcommodities. LTI'sstrategicallyworking closely...
Shenzhen SHUM SUNG Plastic Co., Ltd   China
ShenzhenSHUM LUNG SHUN plastic co., LTD. Is a private enterprise registered with the shenzhen municipal administration of industry and commerce on 14 August 2003, with a registered capital of ...
A to B Multi Trading South Africa has profound success in the manufacturing, distribution and exportation of a varieties of goods across the globe. we stick to efficiency and competence. our highly...
Dear Sir, Let Us Introduce us first, “T-polymers General Trading FZE” is a professional recycled plastic trading company. Working from our Ajman-UAE office we are dedicated to source ma...
KY Retech   South Korea
KY Re-Tech collects various synthetic resin scraps issued by petrochemical industrial complex and produces best quality plastic recycling materials that consumers want based on accumulated hands-on...