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crystaquantum solution limited   Nigeria
Crystaquantum Solutiom Limited was established in 2015 as limited liability company for the provision of Engineering Service, Agricutural products, Solid Mineral and other natural resources. We ...
Green Hake   USA
Green Hake Inc. is a processor, marketer and toll producer of agricultural products for home and animal consumption, situated in Virginia. We have been supplier of bulk agricultural products to the...
My company is working with a few Russian oil refineries / title-holder trading companies in the primary oil market as mandate
Energy Investment Company LTD   Ukraine
Welcome to Energy Investment Company: Energy Investment Company - Ukrainian investor in the energy sector of Ukraine's economy. The company on its own designs and implements projects on the...
Suzhou Jsolar Incorporated   China
JSolar (NEEQ:835829) is a fast growing solar company headquartered in China, with offices in Silicon Valley (USA), Osaka(Japan), Bangkok(Thailand) and several provinces in China. The compan...
Yela Partners   UAE
A company based in Africa and the Middle East. We trade a number of different products. Sesame, Alfalfa, Tahini, Rice, Rhodes, Dried Fruits and a number of additional products, that we source from ...