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Latest Buy Offers
JP54, A1, D6, D2 and Mazut, FOB Rotterdam or Houston   Russia
We OOO ZIRGAN are Mandate Company to top Russia refineries and tank farms available product JP54 up 10 mil. bbls month and D2 up 1 mil.M/T month, ONLY IN ROTTERDAM. First lift dip and pay procedure or contract with first... Quantity Required: 1000000 ( Metric Ton ) Annual P...
Agricultural Fertilizer UREA N46% with 0.5% Biuret - 20, 000MT   UAE
Greetings. We are one of the largest corporate farms in the world and are looking for Low Biuret Urea urgently. BIURET should be less than 0.5% The Urea is required for Agricultural use and the following are details of our requirement. If you can supply the required quant...
buying sttearic acid   China
Iodine value(gI2/100g)≤ 15 Saponification value (mgKOH/g) 206 Acid value (mgKOH/g) 205 Chroma (Hazen)≤ 120 Solidifying point �' 55 no smell